Александр Попов (athunder) wrote,
Александр Попов

Питание 110В LED лампочки от 9В батареи при помощи мини катушки Тесла

Неплохой свет для ужина при свечах для 9 вольтовой батарейки. Но самое забавное, как загораются при приближении не подключенные к цепи лампы.

Mini Tesla coil with a 110 volt LED bulb placed on top of the coil as the top load. The bulb is un-modified. It is running here on a standard 9 volt battery but it will also run on 6 volts. I also show how other bulbs may be lit up at the same time. The amp draw on this is high---about 170 mA but you get what you pay for. It makes is a nice light for the dinner table and is a good conversation piece when you light up all the other lights---wirelessly.
Tags: led, освещение

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